Inspired by Central Park, the world-famous New York City, with a total area of ​​43.91 hectares, it owns more than one kilometer of scenic Saigon River; Vinhomes Central Park is committed to providing customers with a perfect living environment that is in harmony with nature and 5-star living standard that create the true value of life – Modern and luxury in Vietnam.


  • Site area ​​: 43.91 hectares
  • Total investment capital: 30,000 billion VNĐ.
  • Supply: 10,000 apartments, commercial apartment (officetel) (1-4
  • bedroom designs) and over 90 Villas.
  • Construction density: 16%
  • Area of ​​greenery park Vinhome Central Park: Nearly 14 hectares, occupying a density of 32% of the total area.
  • Area of ​​shopping, food and entertainment center: More than 59,000 m2
  • Handover (Overall): 2018


  • The whole project area is divided into 3 main subdivisions:
  • The Central: Central 1, Central 2 and Central 3.
  • The Park: Park 1, Park 2, Park 3, Park 4, Park 5, Park 6, Park 7.
  • The Landmark: Landmark 1, Landmark 2, Landmark 3, Landmark 4, Landmark 5, Landmark 6, Landmark 81.

nh tổng thể dự án vinhomes central parkLuxury villa area

  • Total: 3.65ha.
  • 88 single and double villas.
  • Area from 223m2 to 700m2.

phoi canh biet thu vinhomes central parkLandmark 81

  • Luxury Business Center / Entertainment
  • Apartment
  • Hotel

landmark 81 tầng vinhomes central park

> Luxury Boat Station

phoi canh biet thu vinhomes central park

> Vinmec Internatinal Hospital

bệnh viện vinmec

> Vinschool

trường học vinschool>  Riverside Park 14 hectares

cong vien vinhomes central parkGolden location in the city center

  • The project is located in the Tan Cang area, one of the nice locations of the center of Ho Chi Minh City. It connects flexibly with important areas in the city with convenient transportation by road. Waterway, and Ben Thanh
  • Suoi Tien subway system.

Convenient transportation

  • 3 entrances from Nguyen Huu Canh Street.
  • 2 entrances from the riverside road (connecting Ton Duc Thang street – District 1 and Ung Van Khiem street).
  • 1 entrance from Metro Square (200m from the project).
  • 1 entrance from boat station (waterway).


  • It’s about 10,000 standard apartments, shophouse, garden house and penthouse. Shophouse and garden house are designed duplex and are located on 2 floors of the buildings. Penthouse: Located in the top of buildings (depending on the design of each unit). Among standard apartments there are some apartments in the form of commercial apartment ( officetel). Standard apartment type: 1-4 bedrooms. Area: varied, ranging from 43m2 to over 500m2.


  • Modern style.
  • All rooms in the apartment are airy to receive the wind and natural light.


  • In the midst of the open space on the bank of the Saigon River, 88 The Villas villas have a smart, modern design. Closer to nature, bringing a relaxed living space, luxurious, full of natural light and still peaceful private.
  • Site area: 3.65ha.
  • Expected planning: 88 single and double villas.
  • Area of ​​each land: from 223m2 – 700m2
  • Floors: The villas were designed with 3 floors and 1 basement.
  • Design style: neo-classical.
  • Criteria of handover: handover of the inside surface, finishing the surface according to the common standards of the investor.

Utilities facility

  • Built under the green city model, Vinhomes Central Park establishes a distinct standard of living. Here, residents enjoy the fresh air from the beautiful nature, living space covered in smooth colors of grass. Every single day, residents will enjoy the joy of living along the green grass stretches endlessly in the space filled with natural beauty.

Health & Education

  • At Vinhomes Central Park, residents enjoy not only an ideal living space but also access to world-class medical and educational services at Vinmec International 5-Star Hospital and Vinschool-affiliated school system. To ensure a civilized, healthy and peaceful life.
  • High quality Vinschool high school with excellent education model, qualified and enthusiastic teachers and modern facilities to help the younger generation of Vinhomes Central Park to develop comprehensively intellectually. Substance and spirit.
  • Vinmec Hospital consists of three basements and seven floating floors with more than 600 well-equipped clinics, high quality equipment together with a team of highly qualified professionals and excellent services. Trusted health care addresses for the most demanding customers.

Shopping, dining, entertainment

  • In addition to the high-end health and education facilities, Vinhomes Central Park apartment owners also enjoy full living services with the Vincom Central Park shopping complex with shopping, dining and entertainment. High-end entertainment (indoor ice skating rink, modern Vinpearlland Games, latest movie theaters and outdoor children’s play areawith a variety of items …)

Family service – 5 star quality

  • The mission of Vinhomes – the leading real estate manager in Vietnam, is to bring living spaces full of convenience, experience of living and excellent for residents. We are committed to serving customers with the highest level of living needs of our Vinhomes Central Park apartments.
  • The customer service center is available 24/7.
  • Family services: house cleaning, cleaning, laundry, tending trees, garden…
  • High standard catering services are provided to the apartment.
  • Repair service, technical maintenance at home.
  • Office services: photocopy, printing, air ticket booking, flower arrangement, express delivery. Rent assistance and tenancy management.
  •  Each building has a luxurious lounge lounge for residents to share and share common living space.

Luxurious life

  • At Vinhomes Central Park, we’ve created a prosperous community of citizens, offering the best possible living experience. Owners of the apartments here will have the opportunity to explore Saigon on the river, enjoy the romantic scenery of the city every day on luxury yachts.

Civilized community, prosperous

  • Living in Vinhomes Central Park is the experience and enjoyment of peaceful living environment, superior level in the connection and sharing of a civilized and prosperous community.


  • Commencement Date: 26/7/2014
  • Handover:

+ Villa, Vinmec Hospital: 2015

+ Apartments, Vinschool Schools: 2016

+ Complete the whole area: 2017