• Park View Apartment, also known as Park 3 apartment in the Vinhomes Central Park project, got a unique panoramic view, which is considered to be the most beautiful apartment building in the project. Vingroup Group will officially launch in July/2016.
  • The Park View apartment is the most prosperous apartment building in Vinhomes Central Park, adjacent to the 14 hectares riverside park with unlimited views. All apartments in Park View are oriented to the natural space, which cover the entire park and capture the whole Saigon River landscape at eye level.
  • Park View also directly welcome the fresh and clear air from the green space of the park and the Saigon River in front of it, bring to customer an   outstanding quality of life.
  • Beside the best location in the residential areas, The Park 3 owned the best diversified and top-class products, designed by the world famous contractor. Specifically, this 43-floor apartment building offers 2 to 4 bedroom apartments, commercial apartments, no-floor and duplex  penthouse. Well-ventilated, light-sensitive, airy balcony and natural light in each room. In addition, the Low-E glass system set up from the floor to the ceiling, and the glass-covered balcony ensures panoramic views of the Park 3.
  • The next outstanding point is that Park 3 has low population density (only 12 apartments / floor) and 8 modern elevators bring a high standard of living for the customers. Park Paroma can be quickly connected with high-end service infrastructure such as Vincom Trade Center, Vinpearl Hotel, modern entertainment complex including Imax cinema system, indoor ice skating rink, The infinity pool and 360 degree observatory are set on the highest floor of The Lanmark 81 – top 10 of the world’s highest tower.
  • Park 3 also enjoy the full range of local amenities such as: Reception area and 5-star lounge, security surveillance camera, 24/7 security, open airy square, Jacuzzi, BBQ gardens, infinite water fountains, art sculpture gardens, hanging garden lanes, children’s play areas, space reserved for the elderly …
  • With the advantage of these advantages, Park 3 apartment opens to a modern and luxurious space, creating a luxurious lifestyle, fashion and harmony with nature in central Ho Chi Minh City…


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